How to Become a Custom Software Developer

The custom software industry has lots of scope for people who have interest, knowledge, and passion, even if they do not hold any degree in this particular field. Even though this is a very skilled profession, there are no formal exams or accreditation necessary to become a custom software developer. It is true that graduate programmers will find it easier to get jobs, as the employers will need to take on ‘less risk’. However, it is not necessary for you to have professional training, and it is indeed possible to become a software developer even without a degree.

What Characteristics Do You Need To Become A Custom Software Developer?

While interviewing candidates, amongst the most important things that employers look for is enthusiasm. There are people who have perfect qualifications but do not really love working with computers. It is important to love your work. If you have technical knowledge you can show your talent, but it is not possible to fake enthusiasm.

You need to have a passion for programming, and this can reflect through the various projects you are participating in, in your free time, and your knowledge of methodologies like Kanban and Agile. If you have do not working knowledge of such approaches, not a problem. Even if you do some research and have a basic understanding of how these programs work, it will show your eagerness and interest, and will definitely work in your favour.

What Do You Need To Know In Terms Of Technological Knowledge?

Starting out can be a little difficult, particularly if you do not have qualifications or experience, so be prepared for that. You need to understand that just having knowledge of coding does not make you a great programmer. It is important to have knowledge of version control systems like Git. You also must have an understanding of TDD and unit testing. Try not to feel overwhelmed, as the web has lots of guides and tutorials that will help you gain knowledge in such subjects. Stack Overflow is a great community that will help you find answers for particular issues. The Spring website can also prove to be helpful as it introduces various platforms through their 15 minutes tutorials.

You may find open-source projects to be of great help, as people from different disciplines virtually work here on the same project. Many jobs expect candidates to be a part of the GitHub, which is the largest code host in the world where different developers get involved in projects and create software together on a global or regional scale. Remember, these are open projects and thus your future employers can get to see your contribution here, and thus it will help create an impact.

What Types Of Job Can You Get?

There are three basic types of job for a custom software developer: freelance, development firm, and in-house. If you have the passion and talent, then freelancing can be a good way to start. This might not be very easy, but if you have the ability to set up good-looking websites for customers, then you can be in demand. Many software developers begin by freelancing and they like it so much that they stay on this path. The other job opportunities might need qualifications, but you can still try your luck and find out exactly what is required.

The job of a custom software developer is very exciting, and there is a huge demand for talented people. So, if you have the talent, are ready to work hard, and are passionate, then there is lots of scope for you in this industry, with or without any academic training.

If you do want formal training, check out credited, online or on-campus training programs like this