Important Questions Potential Clients Will Ask Software Developers

Some custom software development companies have a lot of useful information published on their websites and the content answers a lot of the difficult questions potential customers may ask. We have collated some important questions that we have been asked throughout our custom software development careers.

For managers and CEO’s that don’t speak tech, it can be very difficult for them to choose the right custom software developer, so be prepared for the following questions.

custom software development

How long have you developed software?

When hiring a custom software developer, experience is one of the most important factors the manager will consider. A developer who has been in business for a long time has a lot of experience, and is likely to be more stable than one who has just entered the business. Developer’s with at least three years experience will be considered over developers with little experience. Reputation is also highly regarded so make sure customer case studies and testimonials are available.

What is the estimated timeline for the development process?

Timeline is another important factor that managers will consider when hiring a custom software developer. Different developers will have different development timelines depending on the methods they use and the resources that are available to them. Be cautious that the potential client will have their own timeline in mind, so try meet them somewhere in the middle.

What method of deployment do you use?

The deployment process is one of the most critical stages of custom software development, and a developer that can handle it effectively will be chosen. When it comes to software deployment, there are two methods that can be used:

  1. Manual deployment

Manual deployment is favoured by developers who like to be hands-on. However, it comes with the risk of data loss and corruption. It also requires a lot of time to overcome the discrepancies of development and production environment, and it usually requires the developer to be physically present during deployment.

  1. Automatic deployment.

Automatic deployment on the other hand is able to overcome these drawbacks, allowing the developer to work effectively in all environments without any negative effect on the uptime.

Managers will give more attention to developers who use automatic deployment tools, as this allows for instant and flawless deployment of your software.

Do you offer post-installation services?

Post installation services are very important when it comes to custom software development. Managers will look for a developer that offers various services such as training your personnel to ensure that the software is utilised efficiently. The developer should also offer other services such as technical support and upgrades as new technology becomes available.

What guarantees can you offer about security, bugs and viruses?

Managers will also ask you what guarantees you can offer in terms of software, bugs and viruses security.


Hiring the right custom software developer is important to ensure the successful and flawless development of your software. The above questions can help prepare and prove your reliability, effectiveness, support and service that they can expect from you.

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